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I'm not a blogger.......

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Anyone who has previously visited this page will be surprised to see that at last there is something here to read, rather then the coming soon sign that has been here for the last year.
In brief the reason it has taken me so long is I'm not a blogger! I'm a designer, pattern cutter, machinist and business owner and writing a blog does not come naturally to me.
Every time I have attempted to write, I find myself over thinking the content and then worrying will anyone read it and if they do will they like it!
As a visual person it is more instinctive for me to interpret information in pictorial, illustrative and photographic images and I have realised I have been creating a blog - its just a visual one.
To discover the passion behind our brand
Catch a sneak peak of new garments
Watch behind the scenes videos of garment construction
As well as observing the spontaneous bio of our family and business life 


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  • Pauline on

    Your waistcoats capes & dresses are amazing 👍😘

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