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The unedited charm of the Traditional School Photo


It's that time of year again - School photos

This school tradition reminds me of being in a giggly conveyor belt of children waiting in the corridors to take my seat and the excitement of being out of the classroom.

Then in later years they became a glossy embarrassment in cardboard frame displaying my dodgy fringes, missing teeth or even teeth that seem way to big for my head!

As a parent you do your best to send your mini me's into school neat and tidy for the traditional school photo that will replace the previous years photo on the mantle piece and will be distributed to grandparents to who will also loyally display them in their homes.

I now understand the unedited charm of the school photo, as my children go in to school on photo day, I will endeavour to ensure that they have brushed their hair and look their best.  However, wonky ties, messy hair and the possibility of a snotty nose, are all part of school photo nostalgia.

There is common belief that school photos are bad, but they capture a moment in time.  When the new photos arrives home in a few weeks, the one thing that we will all notice, is how fast they are growing up and these sentimental, cardboard framed  photos document their growth and are indeed priceless treasures.

Until the 2019 photos arrive home, it only seems fair to share some of our own school photos as it really is a rite of passage. 

enjoy xx





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