o u r s t o r y

I have always felt like I was born within the wrong era, growing up I dreamed of dressing like Jemima from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and then as a character from an Austin novel.  

My love of nostalgic feminine white dresses and aprons has never left and although during my Fashion Degree and Buying career for a high street fashion brand it was rarely touched upon. I continued to indulge and dream with magazines and books filled with enchanting magical gowns from Haute Couture collections.

When my little girl Posy was born, my thoughts returned to the beautiful traditional dresses I dreamt of as a child and so I began designing and making dresses for her.



With enormous encouragement from my Husband and family, along with my children starting school. I set up a little studio in our spare room and began to design and source traditional fabrics as well as gorgeous vintage trims to make posyandpearls dresses.

Whilst on my quest, I discovered British wool and Harris Tweed.  I instantly fell in love with its majestic quality and its rich heritage.  My obsession for British cloth had began and my admiration for British Mills began to influence our business ethos.

With a new found love for wool and tweed, it wasn't long before Fred's Finery's waistcoats were introduced and at last my little boy was proud to be wearing my designs too..




In 2017 we introduced englishgentleman - our mens waistcoat collection. Following many customer requests we are delighted to be able to offer bespoke waistcoats for adults.  Perfect for daddy's and sons', grooms, groomsmen and pageboys, as well as making my husband very happy. 

littleladiesandlords continues to grow, we have moved into a studio and we continue to work on new collections.   2018 sees the introduction of the adult cape, finally I can wear some of my own creations.



Every fine waistcoat and scrumptious dress is still made in West Sessex by myself and our small team of craftsmen, using only the finest British and Harris Tweeds for our waistcoats and beautiful fabrics and handpicked vintage trims for the dresses.

We are proud to celebrate our British heritage, creating beautiful crafted luxury garments from the highest quality British and Harris Tweeds.

It is a dream to be creating made to order exceptional garments, that will capture imaginations and showcase the British Flare for quality and detail.

Emma xx